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Treasure Hunter's Romance

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Sunday, September 14th, 2003
11:05 pm - I wonder what I'm turning into...
I met Shelinda a few days ago... She kinda... Activated a few memories of mine. I advice people to move at their own pace... But do I really follow the advice? I feel like I'm turning into something else. And I feel I should stop it, before I break my promise with Terra. For even if the world goes to hell, I shall remain myself... I shall always be the same Locke who protected her back then, in the World of Balance. I promised.
But there are things I can't change already, and I shouldn't try to change them now. Everything should flow at it's own pace. Those things, I'll be able to change when the time comes. For now, I should just let them go.
Well, for now, off to buisness.

To DaggerCollapse )

To KimCollapse )

Well, now... It's time for me to do something I was going to do for a long time... I'm tired of chaotic mumbling of the ESPers. It's time to learn their ways... Up close.

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Wednesday, September 10th, 2003
9:08 pm - This becomes... Interesting.
I wonder if Dagger noticed me missing from the house. Well, I'm sure she has other things to take care off, so I don't have to worry about it. I moved to this... Attic of one of the many towns of Traverse Town. It's nice here. It was little dark at first, but I already corrected it. Heartless proved to be a nice source of cash, and oh, I killed quite a lot of them these days. That helped me set up the attic as a pretty nice quarters. I can use this place as much as I want now, considering I shut the door tight, so the only way out of the room is out of the window.
These days gave me some thinking. I wondered about that girl's, Kim is her name I think, words... "I don't want the good guys to turn into the bad guys", huh... But are we really good, and are they really bad? Both of us are trying to achieve their own goals, and we're merely each other's obstacles. I'm sure they think of us as the bad guys. The only differences are the way we're working and the goal. But I'm thinking about it too much. Even if both of us aren't good or bad, I decided on the side already.
I've been thinking of life and death, as well. We have a god of the dead walking the streets. I wonder if I shall get into his domain once I die. I'm doubting it more and more these days, as I learn the ways of the ESPers. Maybe I shall turn into the Magicite in the end, just like some of them did... Or maybe I'll just attach to someone's brain and become like the Eidolon. With my current bloodline, this is possible.
Well, those thoughts are interesting, but I have to worry about different matters. Like finding away to separate the Sorceress and the Host. I'll go take care of the few scars I got during the hunt, since their bleeding is a bit distracting, and go out into the town. Maybe I'll meet someone interesting, or maybe that meeting Kim was planning shall start soon. I wonder if I'll meet Shelinda. I miss her.

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Saturday, September 6th, 2003
7:40 pm - This week was a neverending pack of weirdness...
I'm confused... This world gets weirder and weirder... I don't even know where to start and when to end... Hell, I even doubt if the Gay Cat is THAT bad anymore. Well, I try not to, I have work and stuff... Ah, to the hell with it. I'm just confused.
I think Selphie hates me now. Or better, I'm sure Selphie hates me now. Shut up, Carbuncle.
Dagger is all lovey-dovey with her boyfriend 90% of the time. The other 10%, she's angstying. I don't understand girls her age...
Terra is missing... Just plain missing.
And I have a date with Shelinda the next day... And I didn't even plan all of it, because of this hell of a week... I'm dead. I should go and hang myself on the tree, but I'm afraid that the Puppet Humper'll find and mutilate my corpse, so I won't. ANYWAY... On to the buisness. Enough of this confusion, it's just a temporary thing. If anything goes even worse, I'll just talk to Riku one more time. It seems he's the only sane person around this place. I'm sure he's the only sance person around this place.

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To Riku SquadCollapse )

Private Entry. ESPer basedCollapse )

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Friday, August 29th, 2003
6:58 pm
These days prove to be better then the previous ones.
I met Terra. She's okay. And she'll be helping us. Oh, and she'll be living with us, Dagger. I'm sure you'll become friends.
And I made up with Selphie. I hope you take care of the one who holds our bond of friendship well, Selph.

Private EntryCollapse )

For the Riku SquadCollapse )

[OOC: Locke is on the roll... Is it me, or is most of the Riku Squad lovey-dovey and in a Tiger-abusing mode right now? ^_^]

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Tuesday, August 26th, 2003
2:07 am - The last few days were as fun as they were scary...
There was the Red Velvet opening. I start cracking up when I remember that. We abused a certain moogle until she could only crawl (She actually survived. I guess Mog uses some kind of genetically enhanced moogles.). And the tiger said "gay" all the time, so the word "gay" is the Red Velvet Opening Victims' Insider Joke. Or at least the insider joke of those who were at the bar.
There was Dagger returning from amnesia. It's all so confusing now... Dagger, Sarah... Maybe I should stick to calling her "sis", instead of choosing names? She acts weird every time I mention Kuja in front of her. She developed a crush on the guy, or something?
There was saving Shelinda from the Twitchy. I promise to kick that guy's butt if he approaches my girlfriend another time. Tying a girl to the bed, quoting morbid phrases from old stupid comic books that lie around in the book shop and summoning Heartless to show off and wearing gay clothes... Is this town holding a "How Screwed Up Can You Get?" competition?
And there was meeting Terra. Someone from our world is here, after all. Now only to try and not let her get brainwashed by the moogles. I don't want her to follow Setzer's fate.
Well, at least Kuja is out of hiding and is not as depressed as before. Good for him. He acts as he got a few rabid flying bricks hitting his head sometimes, but I guess the town does this to everyone. "Winding up in Traverse Town strips the last bits of your sanity", anyone?
Well, that's all that happened... I feel things'll get even weirder a little bit later, though. I have things to attend to now, so I guess I'll go to try and do them.

To everyone from Riku's Personal Army... errr... Riku's friends.Collapse )

To RikuCollapse )

Private EntryCollapse )

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Friday, August 22nd, 2003
6:30 am - Ah, the insanity...
Among things happening :
Dagger, my roommate and my boss, walks around with a confused look and calls herself Sarah. It's scary, really. I think I should find Riku and tell him that. We need to find someone to work as his personal assistant, after all.
My girlfriend is going to that nightclub's opening with some weird pirate-dressed guy who's eye is twitching all the time. Hatred overflow.
I need to get a job. Still. I can't take it anymore. I'm stuck in the room with a spear-wielding giant rat and my former boss who calls me "aniki" now. What's aniki, anyway? All I can do it sit there and think about my girlfriend going out with some sicko with a parrot.
Riku... Boss... Save me. Give me a job. Any job will do, as long as it features a lot of running around and at least one moving target for spell-slinging... Please?

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Saturday, August 16th, 2003
12:55 pm
I'm staying put for three days already... Maybe I should stop that. After all, the dangerous time (aka my birthday, but noone really knew about it) is behind, so I should explore the town and look for my friends once again.
My abilities in controlling the Morph get better... I'd love to know how to morph back correctly. *sigh* I guess only Terra knows that.
In other words, I feel left behind. I can't make up a good reason to visit Selphie and apologize, I can't make up my mind about Shelinda, hell, I can't even meet my boss. And I don't have any work appointments from Dagger.
*sigh* I guess I'll just walk around the town until I bump into someone or make up a reason to visit someone.

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Friday, August 15th, 2003
12:39 am - A post on the mailbox.
If anyone ever sees this people, please, let me know. I am Locke Cole, working in Khan Enterprise as Vice-President's assistant's personal assistant.

A girl with green hair, wears red clothes, goes by the name Terra Branford. A powerful mage.

A blond man, wears his hair in a ponytail, black and green clothes, goes by the name Edgar Roni Figaro.

A blond man, short hair, simple clothes, looks like a bodybuilder. Goes by the name Sabin Rene Figaro.

A woman with blond hair, green clothes, white cloak. Goes by the name Celes Chere.

A black-haired man, mustache, dark-blue clothes, a powerful swordsman. Goes by the name Cyan Garamonde.

A small boy wearing beast hides. Goes by the name Gau.

A man wearing dark-blue ninja garbs, rarely talks. Goes by the name Shadow.

A very old white-haired man, wears robes, goes by the name Strago Magus.

A little energetic girl with a paintbrush. Goes by the name Relm Arrowny.

If you're one of them, or if you've ever seen one of them, please, write in on this post.

*sigh* Why didn't I think to do something like this earlier...

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Thursday, August 14th, 2003
6:12 am - Just a quick entry...
Dagger disappeared while searching for a certain person. I worry about her. She wasn't... In a particulary good shape. If anyone meets her, let me know. If anyone wants to help me look for her, let me know as well.

Note to self : Disappearing is a new fashion.
Note to self number 2 : Kuja's going to get hurt... Very hurt.

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Wednesday, August 13th, 2003
4:22 pm
I had a dream... About my world and my friends.
We were on the airship... Just like back in the old days. As I saw this dream, I'm now thinking... That world, no matter how ruined, no matter how painful and war-torn it is... I like it. And I want back there. Back in my own world.
I and Bill found Shelinda. She was still standing in the alley. (And she even recognized me in my other form...) I took her to Dagger's room... Too bad I had to leave before she woke up. I have buisness to attend.
My hair grew long... It's now reaching a little past my shoulders. I wonder if I should hack it off... Also, I got new clothes, instead of those shredded in the alleyway. They had my fashion in the shops, but not my color... I'm wearing black now.
I still need to do something about the mechanical equipment I need. And a voice changer for Bill I wonder if I REALLY should keep my hopes on the moogles. Mog gets weirder and weirder. Riku's fanclub... Yeah, right. Another idea of Mog to brainwash people. Anyone knows a good mechanic in this town? Except the moogles?
This morphing power... Dagger calmed it down, but was drained in the process. And yet, I morphed again later. I need to learn how to control this transformations. I hope Terra can teach me... If she's somewhere around here, that is.
Oh, well... I guess I should go and look around town. Maybe I should go meet Riku (He's my boss, after all... I think we have things to talk about.) Or do something about my relationship with Selphie... Or looking for that guy Dagger asked me about, Zidane... Or looking for Lulu and informing her about Kuja, since he asked me to. Oh, and I thought I saw a girl with green hair somewhere around the town. Maybe Terra IS here... I should go look for her. Best place to look around would be... Selphie's shelter? *sigh*Why, everywhere I go, Selphie seems to appear?
Well, I'm off trying to do something about all that. See ya.

[OOC note : I thought that placing parts under cut disrupts the text. Now, every "private" entry (One that other characters can't know about.) shall be in italic text. That way, I can just write a whole entry, but with things left unknown to others.]
[OOC note 2 : I'm online... Again. For 10 hours or so. If anyone wants to RP, feel free to IM me. I'm all for it, as always. ^^]

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Tuesday, August 12th, 2003
6:02 am - I keep making notes at weird times...
This time, I have a certain... Problem with my appearance. I hope it comes off soon. Anyway, up to the real entry.

Things I did and found out today:
We found Shelinda. It was a pretty difficult encounter. It seems Shelinda is too shocked emotionaly to even talk. Too bad I couldn't stay with her longer.

Lessons I learned today:
Selphie can kick and has some kind of weird addiction to rush into the crowds of Heartless, even though she sucks at fighting.

Plans for the future:
1)Getting new clothes. These are shredded.
2)I've yet to talk to Mog.
3)Look after Shelinda... Or shouldn't I? I'm not sure if I should make her situation even worse with my presence...
4)Some things I'd rather not discuss in this journal.

private entryCollapse )

On the other hand, I'm still missing my friends... Setzer is here, but I was never a very good friend with him... I miss everyone else. Terra, Celes... Even Edgar. I'll need to search for them once again. I know someone of them is in this town. Someone SHOULD be in this town.

current mood: surprised

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Monday, August 11th, 2003
8:58 pm
I'm making this note on the run. I just busted around fifty heartless, and just need a little break. I'm still looking for Shelinda and can't find her anywhere. Great, just great... I guess I'll just have to shred every single one of those black critters if I want to find her.

Things happened today:
I found a job and a room, both thanks to Dagger. I should've started today, but I can't. I have other things to attend to. Sorry, Dagger.
Shelinda is gone missing. Selphie said she was abducted by the Heartless... I can't believe that. I must find her. Even if it means searching the whole town.

Lessons I learned.
No matter how helpful Selphie may usualy act, once a serious problem arises, she's perfectly useless.

Future plans:
1)Looking for Shelinda. Succesfully, I hope.
2)Talk to Mog about some equipment I need.
3)Other things I'd rather not discuss in this journal.

Private entryCollapse )

[OOC:I'm online once again and shall be for the next ten hours, or so. IM me at Krylancero, if you want to RP.]

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Sunday, August 10th, 2003
6:19 am
Today was much better, due to some good and bad things happening. It wasn't as confusing as the previous one.

Things happened today:
I met Setzer! Finally, I know that I'm not alone in this place. Who knows, maybe our friends are somewhere around here. I should be on full lookout for them. I think, Terra would be easy to notice. Green hair is pretty unusual, after all.
I tried to dig for info about Kuja and Riku... And ended up pissing off Selphie. I hope she's not angry on me anymore.
I've been looking for Kuja at Khan Enterprise... I asked around and he's not there. This is bad... I need a job, not some Heartless Busting Buisness. Anyone needs a spell-slinging dagger-wielding treasure hunter? If that's not enough, I have a few more talents (like picking locks, disguising, communicating with moogles, looking for people, acrobatics, exploring, surviving hostile environment, summoning Espers and stuff).

Lessons I learned : Pretty much, none.

Plans I have :
1)Look for a job.
2)Apologize to Selphie.
3)Look out for others from my world.
4)Look for a place to stay at (sleeping at the corridor is uncomfortable). I hope I can find a place big enough, so me and Setzer can set up an "Operation Base".

From Locke's Private Diary. No, you can't read it, he's carrying it around with him.Collapse )

[OOC : I'm online right now. If you want to RP with me, just tell me here, or IM me at Krylancero.]

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1:31 am
Dagger and Locke fighting the Heartless. Beware of the cliffhanger.Collapse )

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Saturday, August 9th, 2003
8:43 pm
Today was absolutely, totaly random. So random that it's scary, even. I almost got back to a confusion state I was in when I first got here. Anyway, what happened tonight :

Met a girl named Dagger and fought a few Heartless together with her. She's a strong mage and a smart girl, but she's thinking too negative and doubts herself too much. She reminds me of Terra when I first met her - the same insecurity about her.
Got framed by Selphie. Apparently, that girl has a habit to set people up on "dates". That's how she called that, anyway. So she locked me and that girl named Shelinda in her room. I'm not going to describe this too much, let's just say the situation ended pretty unexpected. (Maybe I should've just lockpicked the door, for that girl's sake... I don't think she made the right impression of me... I'm not *THAT* good.)
Me and Fujin payed the visit to the moogles... THE HORROR! I thought I'm going to die... This was, so far, the most horrid event of the whole day. Well, at least now I know that Mog is here. Not that it makes me any happier... Should stay away from the Moogle Shop from now on.

Lessons I learned : 1)When Selphie approaches you with a big, happy grin, make up a thousand excuses to why you're busy right now. You're gonna be set up on a date, or something worse. 2)Moogles are dangerous. Due to their quantity, resourcefullness and imagination. 3)Heartless are not as dangerous as they're described. Also, they're a nice resource for currency. I think I should go bust them every time I'm going bankrupt.

Current plans:
1)Find out information on Kuja and Riku. Selphie would be a nice source. (Note to self : be nice, be nice, be nice...)
2)Visit Kuja. If he still needs me, that is, but I'll visit him anyway. (Note to self : This Riku person isn't so easy to approach... I guess I won't be able to make a personal impression of him anytime soon.)
3)Ask Selphie about people in general around here. I want to know who's who. It can help later.
4)Walk around the town and noticing everything every time I can. I should collect as much information as I can.

Note to self : While walking the town, I think I saw Setzer... Can it be that he is here as well?

current mood: indescribable

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Friday, August 8th, 2003
7:16 am
This day was full of things happening. First of all, I've learned directions around the town. It's not as confusing anymore. Second, I've met a lot of new people and got a job.

People I've met : Kuja is the one who gave me a job as a guard. He seems to be a really powerful mage. His character reminds me of Kefka a bit, though... I should be catious near him. Also, I should find out what's the buisness with him and that Riku guy. They seem to dislike each other, from what I noticed.
Fujin - a very sweet girl... And a dance machine addict. She's wearing the eyepatch all the time, but it fits her. I guess she's the second person in this town I can really call a friend, Selphie being the first. We decided to visit the moogles together later, so we can find out if Mog is somewhere around here.

Lessons I've learned : 1) Don't play the moogles' dance machine. It's addicting. 2) Stay as far away from the puppet as possible. Also, if you hear "polish the wood", use every possible skill to stay even farther.

Plans for today :
1)Visit Kuja about the job.
2)Visit moogles together with Fujin.
3)Keep looking out for my friends.
4)Keep searching for every possible information about this place (What are those Heartless I keep hearing about..?).
5)Continue making friends around here.

Note to myself : Somehow, I feel I won't meet Celes or anyone else anytime soon... I feel a bit sad... But I mustn't let it get to me.

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5:03 am
Fujin meets Locke, or a very mooglified talkCollapse )

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1:15 am
Another casual conversation - Locke x KujaCollapse )

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Thursday, August 7th, 2003
4:48 pm
My situation is updated a bit. At least now I know, where I am and that my friends are somewhere around here. I've met a very nice girl named Selphie. She's a nice girl, kind and cute... A bit hyper, though, but nothing I didn't get used to.
Sleeping in the hotel's corridor worked before... It worked this time, as well. Now, when I slept, it feels much better and I think I'll be able to make it through. Plans for today are :
1)Walking around the place and making a few friends. I never was a social butterfly, but familiar faces are what I need the most in this unfamiliar place.
2)I doubt my gil is compatible with this place's currency. I should look into getting some money. I hope someone has a job for a spell-slinging, dagger-wielding thief... errr... Treasure hunter around here.
3)Find Mog! During my life, I grew sure that Moogles are the most indestructible race ever created. And Mog's ability to survive is even better than the other Moogles. In other words this little dancing critter should already be somewhere around here.
Okay, now into trying and making it these plans into reality.
Note to myself : First, doing something about the first two plans... Finding Mog can result in a disaster, so I should keep that option to the last stage.

(OOC : I'm pretty much free today, and in a mood to RP as well, so if you want to RP, tell me.)

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3:28 am
(OOC : Hello, I'm Raziel, you may call me Razz. I'll be playing Locke, so please, endure my existance in this RP. ^^ My livejournal is fidchell, my email is razielleonhart@mail.ru. You can IM me at Krylancero. Glad to meet you all.)

What the hell happened?
It all happened when I was going to visit Edgar... I was riding on a Chocobo towards Figaro, when the sky suddenly turned black. It was near the evening already, so the world became almost black. I barely saw anything. I tried to look around... And then, suddenly, I felt like I was swallowed by something. It felt like the world disappeared...
When I came to my senses, I stood in this town. This town... Is weird. It looks a bit like every other town, but the atmosphere... I feels like I'm not in my world anymore. And what the hell are those glowing letters? Some new Magitek techonology? I thought Magitek research was abandoned for good, ever since me and guys trashed the laboratory.
Right now, I'm sitting on a box in one of this town's alleys and writing this down. Good thing that Celes gave me this diary, since writing seems to put my thoughts to order. Anyway, plans for today :
1)Find out what the hell happened in the desert.
2)Find out where the hell am I.
Other plans'll follow, depending on what I'll found out about the first two.
Note : should be very careful with my resources. Even with my weapons, potions and magic still by my side, I don't know where I am and what may follow, so I may not last long even with those in stock.
Note 2 : suddenly, I really worry about my friends. Terra, Edgar, Celes... I hope everyone is all right and it's only a bad feeling.

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